In today's brand-centric economy, a company's reputation can rise or plunge in an instant with dramatic and lasting business impact.

Thanks to real-time social media and instant information, a brand disaster - ranging from ad placement near illegal or offensive content to association with digital criminals - can translate into an immediate loss of sales and long-term damage to customer relationships.

Despite the importance of brand protection, however, too few professionals have been given the training, expertise, relationships, and resources necessary to evaluate and defend against wide-ranging and fast-changing threats.

The Brand Safety Institute was founded to professionalize and advance the executive capacity needed at every company to protect their brands through research, accreditation, networking, and education.

By accrediting Brand Safety Officers and providing them with relevant information, expertise, and connections, the Brand Safety Institute helps foster a community of brand leaders safeguard both their own brands and the broader digital advertising supply chain.

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The benefits of Brand Safety Institute membership

The Brand Safety Institute is building a community for the brand safety leaders in the digital advertising industry. 


You'll be eligible for Brand Safety Officer™ certification, which demonstrates to companies and peers that you are a thought-leader in the field of brand safety.

BSO certification consists of a number of modules, which will deepen and confirm your expertise in the main areas that impact brand safety. Module topics include:

  •  Introduction to Brand Safety
  • Ad Fraud
  • Ad-Supported Piracy
  • Malware in the Digital Ad Supply Chain
  • Ad Adjacency and Brand Reputation
  • Verification and Viewability
  • Knowing Your Partners
  • Ad Quality and Customer Experience
  • Consumer Choice
  • Role of the Brand Safety Officer


Resource Library

BSI will be adding case-studies, industry research, and more to our member platform. Everything you need to grow your career, and become invaluable to your company.



"While the focus was fairly heavy on the programmatic ad buying process, the overall concept of brand protection was further drilled into my head and I can say that I see things through that lens now on a weekly basis in my job. In fact, I made a suggestion to a work group this morning that is directly related to brand protection."

Marketing QA & Legal Compliance Lead

"[J]ust completed the BSO curriculum. I have to say that I found it extremely valuable in terms of putting together in one place the core responsibilities of this role and function...

...the overall consistency in specific details combined here in this course is astonishing...

It is refreshing, and very helpful to me, to see this role defined so clearly… I personally have been engaged to make sure the role is clearly understood by internal and external stakeholders. So to see that work reinforced, confirmed, and supported in this training is very rewarding and validating. Additionally, it serves as great roadmap for the work I can do from here on out to improve the function at my organization and beyond."

Director, Marketplace Quality