What is New in Brand Safety?


Brand Safety Evolves: Introducing the new Brand Safety Officer-in-Residence

Jennette Offenberg
Associate Director, Digital Media Innovation, Merck
Brand Safety Officer-in-Residence

BSI and the Value of an Industry Aligned

Neal Thurman
Co-founder, BSI

Ad-Supported Piracy

Abrahim Farraj, NBCUniversal Media
Tom Galvin, Digital Citizens Alliance (DCA)

Brand Assurance

Deva Bronson, EVP, Global Head of Brand Assurance at dentsu Media

Evolving Brand Safety

Amit Shetty, VP Product Management Ad Fraud Platform at Pixalate

Consumer Privacy is at the Heart of Brand Safety

Rachel Glasser, Chief Privacy Officer, Magnite
Alison Pepper, EVP, Government Relations & Sustainability, 4As
Richy Glassberg, Co-Founder/CEO, SafeGuard Privacy

Why Collaboration is Key in the Fight for Brand Safety

Mike Zaneis
Co-founder, BSI

Brand Suitability and Opting-in to Local Journalism

Scott Cunningham

TRUSTX and the Brand Safety Community

Terri Walter and David Kohl

Trust in News

Vanessa Otero
Ad Fontes Media

Sally Lehrman
The Trust Project

Standards and Procedures Across the Brand Safety Ecosystem, part 2

George Ivie and Ron Pinelli, Jr.
Media Rating Council

Standards and Procedures Across the Brand Safety Ecosystem, part 1

Ron Pinelli, Jr. and George Ivie
Media Rating Council

Building a Technical Foundation for Advertisers

Shailley Singh
IAB TechLab

Verification and Ad Fraud

Shailin Dhar and Marc Goldberg
Method Media Intelligence

Role of the Brand Safety Officer

A.J. Brown

Media Quality

Christine Desrosiers

Brand Safety Evolves

In this video, Jones furthers his discussion with industry leaders about how the practice of brand safety demands -- and can work to achieve -- a healthy media ecosystem that in turn fosters a healthy society.