Publisher Council

The Brand Safety Institute’s Publisher Council convenes advertising and media executives from publishing companies to explore and elevate publishers’ perspectives, value, and role in brand safety and suitability issues around entertainment and information (including news & journalism).

Our goal is to create increased understanding, as well as frameworks and tools for marketers and agencies, that help them to align brand values with safety & suitability choices - and be cognizant of diverse and specialized audiences that consume professionally produced content.

"In the current media environment, publishers face a complex challenge communicating their value to buyers of digital advertising. Communicating the combination of audience quality, brand safety, brand suitability, and the ability to buy at scale are all significant challenges. BSI’s Publisher Council brings leaders in the publishing industry together to discuss these issues, guide the development of curriculum to inform the industry, and engage the buy side for feedback and discussion."Scott Cunningham
BSI Publisher Council


The BSI Publisher Council is open to companies whose primary purpose is to either (a) professionally create, produce and issue media content; or (b) aggregate professionally created and produced media content.

Contact us at for more information and to learn how you can get involved.