Brand Safety Best Practice Guides

Some resources, indicated by a lock icon  are only available to BSI members and certified Brand Safety Officers. To access them, click the link and look for the "Job Aids" module on your learning dashboard.

TAG's Best Practices for Keyword Exclusion Lists
The digital advertising industry needs to rethink how keyword exclusion lists are utilized. This document is intended to assist companies complying with TAG’s Brand Safety Certified program requirements and provides best practices for the creation and maintenance of keyword exclusion lists. TAG strongly encourages other companies to consider and implement these best practices, in order to facilitate change in how the industry utilizes keyword exclusion lists
We Have Blocklists All Wrong
BSI Advisory Board member Rob Beeler goes in-depth on blocklists, how to improve them, and calls for further industry contributions on the topic.
Creating a More Thorough and Effective Brand Safety Plan
Through discussions with brand safety experts who contributed to Brand Safety Evolves white paper, we were able to develop a checklist of the steps you can take to increase your efforts in creating your own Brand Safety Plan.
Identifying, Preventing, and Addressing Adjacency Issues
Discussion of best practices for brands, ad tech, and publishers around problems caused by undesirable ad adjacencies.
Hardening Defenses to Prevent Malware in the Direct Sales Channel
Guide to reducing the risk that a bad actor could gain access to a publisher's users by exploiting weaknesses in the Direct Sales Channel.
Developing an Anti-Malware Program for your Organization
Publishers' guide to preventing, monitoring, and stopping malware attacks on their users.
Selecting and Continuously Evaluating Your Vendors
Discussion of best practices in finding the right external partners for a business need, and making sure they live up to your expectations.
Understanding, Explaining, and Demonstrating the Value of a BSO
Discussion of how to communicate your value as a BSO across the company, and how to raise your profile.
Leveraging BSO Certification as a Differentiator in Market
Talking points for companies' sales and business development teams to explain why their investment in an in-house BSO makes them a superior partner, versus those companies who do not make that investment.
IAB Europe Guide to Brand Safety & Brand Suitability
IAB Europe has launched this Guide to share background context on brand safety in Europe, pan-European definitions for brand safety and brand suitability with accompanying key considerations, best practices and case studies to help educate all stakeholders on ensuring brand safe environments.
MMA Brand Safety and Suitability Strategy Guide
Brought to you by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and the Brand Safety Institute (BSI), this resource will greatly assist advertisers and brand management teams across multiple industries determine and flesh out their needs in the areas of brand safety and suitability.
Guidelines For Supporting a Diverse Media Supply Chain
There has been an increased impetus from the ad industry to support diverse suppliers. The 4A's, the ANA, and AIMM, with input from their respective members, drafted these guidelines to help buyers (agencies and marketers) and diverse media suppliers improve their ways of working together.