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The Brand Safety Business Partner certification consists of an online Brand Safety Basics course, intended for non-experts to build their knowledge of the digital advertising supply chain and the issues - collectively known as brand safety - that the rise of digital advertising has caused as a by-product. Learners will build a greater understanding of these issues and how to work with their company and with partners to solve them.

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Upon completion of the Brand Safety Basics course, you will receive a digital certificate acknowledging you as a Brand Safety Business Partner. The certificate can be added to your LinkedIn profile, printed out, shared on social media, or used as part of your email signature!

The Brand Safety Basics course includes the following modules:

Introduction to Brand Safety

An overview of the topic of brand safety including the definition and what to expect from this course.

Digital Advertising Ecosystem

The Digital Advertising Ecosystem

Marketers, publishers, and the agencies and technology companies that together create the market for digital advertising.

Unintended Consequences

Unintended Consequences of Digital Advertising

The growth of digital advertising has led to headline problems at its current scale. These issues are seed-bed for brand safety concerns.

Brand Safety Topics

Introduction to Brand Safety Topics

The practice of brand safety focuses on these areas of digital advertising to avoid reputational harm.

Brand Safety Job Roles

Job Roles that Impact Brand Safety

An organization's Brand Safety Officer is their point person for these issues, but who else is affected, and what other roles have a part to play in brand safety?

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