The Brand Safety Institute was founded to professionalize and advance the executive capacity needed at every company to protect their brands.

There are certified Brand Safety Officers at the world’s largest advertising agency holding companies, global 500 brands, and major technology platforms.

The Brand Safety Institute advances its mission through
study, accreditation, fellowship, and education.


Study and research around the emerging field of brand safety and best practices for executives who work in brand protection.


Accreditation of Brand Safety Officers to provide industry recognition for leaders in the field who have achieved expertise in the complicated and quickly-evolving challenges in the space.


Fellowship with a large and growing community of other brand safety leaders across the industry to network and share knowledge, experience, and best practices.


Education for brand safety professionals around the tools, tactics, and technologies available to help protect their organization’s brand and contribute to a brand-safe ecosystem.

Brands, Safety, and Responsibility

The two impulses for brand safety and brand responsibility are symbiotic friends. There is no responsibility without the base-line assurances of safety, and that safety can't be assured without responsible action from brands (and everyone else in the digital advertising supply chain.

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Don't let brand safety turn a pandemic into a publishing crisis

The Brand Safety Institute has partnered with Scott Cunningham and the Local Media Consortium to create a Local News Inclusion List. You can request access here.

We need your help! Take this short, two-minute survey to help us gauge the adoption of the Local News Inclusion List and to understand how we can improve it.

Survey Finds Brand Safety Crisis Can Prompt Consumer Backlash Against Brand

Consumers don't want advertisers subsidizing hate speech, piracy, pornography, new survey by Brand Safety Institute and the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) suggests.

Consumers also believe it’s a shared responsibility - brand, agency, and publisher.

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