By accrediting Brand Safety Officers and providing them with relevant information, expertise, and connections, the Brand Safety Institute will help a community of brand leaders safeguard both their own brands and the broader digital advertising supply chain.

Brand Safety Institute Membership & BSO Certification

Brand Safety Institute membership and the Brand Safety Officer certification ($1500 in value) can be had in a single package at a cost of $999. This special offer includes membership in the Brand Safety Institute ($750), access to the Brand Safety Officer training curriculum ($500), and, upon successful completion of the curriculum, certification as a Brand Safety Officer for the balance of the year-long membership ($500). 

Also included in membership will be access to tools, templates, case studies, webinars, and other valuable tools for practicing Brand Safety Officers, as they become available, as well as the opportunity to engage with fellow Brand Safety professionals in our member community discussions.


You'll be eligible for Brand Safety Officer™ certification, which demonstrates to companies and peers that you are a thought-leader in the field of brand safety. BSO certification consists of a number of modules, which will deepen and confirm your expertise in the main areas that impact brand safety. Module topics include:

Introduction to Brand Safety

An overview of the topic of Brand Safety including the definition and what to expect from this course of study and your Brand Safety Officer certification

Ad Fraud

Ad fraud costs costs the industry billions of dollars every year. This module will explain how this fraud is perpetrated and how to protect against it.

Ad-Supported Piracy

Distribution of pirated or counterfeit content is an international problem funded by advertisers not careful about where their ads are displayed.

Malware in the Digital Ad Supply Chain

Malware creates fear in consumers and is a top reason they install ad blockers. Understand how malware gets into the ad supply chain and best practices for keeping it out.

Ad Adjacency and Brand Reputation

An exploration of the subjective topic of how the places where your brand’s ads show up can impact people’s impression of your brand by associating you with content that you or your target customers might find objectionable.

Verification and Viewability

Audience, Viewability, IVT, etc. Advertisers need to verify that their impressions are served in front of real people and they see them. This module outlines how that verification works.

Knowing Your Partners

Digital advertising has seen an explosion in the number of partners that any company may have at any given time. This course discusses the challenges with having so many known and unknown potential partners, and how to mitigate risk while still getting ads in front of the desired target audience.

Ad Quality and Customer Experience

The user experience of the Internet is shaped by ads. While good ads resonate, bad ad experience leads to ad blocking. This module will detail the efforts of the IAB and the Coalition of Better Ads to improve the ad experience.

Consumer Choice

Consumers are voting against certain types of digital ads by downloading ad blockers at an alarming rate. Education of consumers about why they see the ads they do is covered.

Role of the Brand Safety Officer

The capstone course of the certification guides the Brand Safety Officer through the process of translating knowledge into action. It includes recommended activities at various points in the budget/execution cycle as well as the nuances appropriate to different nodes on the digital advertising supply chain.



For anyone focused on Brand Safety, highly recommend the BSOfficer training from @safe_brands - comprehensive, informative & provides great advice to set up for success. Just earned my cert 📜🎓

Dave Byrne (@davebyrned)
Global Head of Brand Safety & Industry Relations, TikTok

"[J]ust completed the BSO curriculum. I have to say that I found it extremely valuable in terms of putting together in one place the core responsibilities of this role and function...

...the overall consistency in specific details combined here in this course is astonishing...

It is refreshing, and very helpful to me, to see this role defined so clearly… I personally have been engaged to make sure the role is clearly understood by internal and external stakeholders. So to see that work reinforced, confirmed, and supported in this training is very rewarding and validating. Additionally, it serves as great roadmap for the work I can do from here on out to improve the function at my organization and beyond."

Director, Marketplace Quality

"I found the training extremely comprehensive, giving me a clear overview of the numerous factors a Brand Safety Officer needs to be aware of to establish best practice processes. I’ve no doubt it will support organisations to clearly define this important role, whilst helping BSOs to work with their partners and the many departments in their company that have a role in mitigating the issues related to brand safety."

Audit Manager

"[T]he overall concept of brand protection was further drilled into my head and I can say that I see things through that lens now on a weekly basis in my job. In fact, I made a suggestion to a work group this morning that is directly related to brand protection."

Marketing QA & Legal Compliance Lead

"The BSI Brand Safety Officer training is a fantastic way to get up to speed on the top issues in the field, dive into useful examples of real-world scenarios, and develop a deeper understanding of topics challenging the ad industry today and into the future."

Jay Pinho
Principal Product Manager, Oracle Advertising