Brand Safety Officer-in-Residence

BSI’s Brand Safety Officer-in-Residence helps to amplify the voice, contributions and importance of a well-trained and resourced Brand Safety Officer.

Through discussion forums and “office hours” for certification candidates and BSI members, they provide guidance and leadership to the brand safety community on:

  • the importance of training and certification
  • how to stand up and run impactful corporate brand safety programs
  • safeguarding trust and safety in the media ecosystem
Jennette Offenberg

Jennette Offenberg, Associate Director, Media Operations & Digital Media Innovation at Merck Co. Inc. is our BSO-in-Residence for 2023.

Offenberg is an experienced media professional in both pharmaceutical industry and consumer packaged goods with concentrations in digital social media, brand safety, and marketing.

Past Brand Safety Officers-in-Residence include:

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