Brand Safety extends beyond a core team of corporate Brand Safety experts. The Brand Safe Workforce certification demonstrates an enterprise-level commitment to Brand Safety. This is achieved through cross-functional training in Brand Safety, customization to reflect the enterprise’s policies, procedures and philosophy supporting Brand Safety, on-site training, and access to BSI’s Brand Safety Officer community.

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Brand Safe Workforces are leaders in their fields, and are breaking new ground in the efforts to fight the harms that plague our digital advertising industry. 

Companies with Brand Safe Workforces include FrieslandCampina, Kroger/84.51°, Oracle Advertising, and Merck.

Certification Testimonials


For anyone focused on Brand Safety, highly recommend the BSOfficer training from @safe_brands - comprehensive, informative & provides great advice to set up for success. Just earned my cert 📜🎓

Dave Byrne (@davebyrned)
Global Head of Brand Safety & Industry Relations, TikTok

"[J]ust completed the BSO curriculum. I have to say that I found it extremely valuable in terms of putting together in one place the core responsibilities of this role and function...

...the overall consistency in specific details combined here in this course is astonishing...

It is refreshing, and very helpful to me, to see this role defined so clearly… I personally have been engaged to make sure the role is clearly understood by internal and external stakeholders. So to see that work reinforced, confirmed, and supported in this training is very rewarding and validating. Additionally, it serves as great roadmap for the work I can do from here on out to improve the function at my organization and beyond."

Director, Marketplace Quality

"I found the training extremely comprehensive, giving me a clear overview of the numerous factors a Brand Safety Officer needs to be aware of to establish best practice processes. I’ve no doubt it will support organisations to clearly define this important role, whilst helping BSOs to work with their partners and the many departments in their company that have a role in mitigating the issues related to brand safety."

Audit Manager

"[T]he overall concept of brand protection was further drilled into my head and I can say that I see things through that lens now on a weekly basis in my job. In fact, I made a suggestion to a work group this morning that is directly related to brand protection."

Marketing QA & Legal Compliance Lead

"The BSI Brand Safety Officer training is a fantastic way to get up to speed on the top issues in the field, dive into useful examples of real-world scenarios, and develop a deeper understanding of topics challenging the ad industry today and into the future."

Jay Pinho
Principal Product Manager, Oracle Advertising