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June 2024

A new guide for marketers navigating brand safety and suitability on platforms, our takeaways from a packed week at the Cannes Lions, how podcasts are mirroring micro-influencers, and the rapid growth of gaming as a key advertising platform. Plus, a new brand safety resource library from TikTok, insights on responsible media practices, tackling fake influencers, the collapse of Oracle’s ad business, and IAS's expanded YouTube safety measures.

May 2024

Dive into the latest from BRIDGE'24, where Dr. Omar Rodriguez-Vila's insights on inclusive marketing are transforming business strategies. Explore the booming podcast ad landscape from the IAB Podcast Upfront, featuring AI-driven brand safety tools and top-tier content from Sounder and Libsyn Ads. Get up-to-date on building brand trust in news with key takeaways from PEW Research and industry trends. Discover IAS's innovative 3D ad measurement on Roblox and the urgent call for transparency in Generative AI.

April 2024

Welcome to the BSI April 2024 Newsletter. We're excited to share the successful launch of the BSI & WFA's GARM Brand Safety & Suitability Bootcamp; also industry musings on the future of Brand Safety at POSSIBLE; and dive into industry insights on gaming ads, TikTok's new features, and strategies against fake news.

March 2024

Dive into March's Brand Safety insights:

  • Equipping the industry with skills for brand suitability,
  • Celebrating Women's History Month with a focus on equality, gaming continues to evolve, rethinking safety in advertising, and
  • AI's game-changing role.

Stay informed with our latest findings and strategies for a safer, more inclusive advertising world.

February 2024
  • Discover the transformative power of AI with BSI's newly launched Knowledge Center.
  • Uncover the fallout over licensing music on social platforms and how it stifles creativity.
  • Dive into the realm of podcast suitability with Seekr Align's AI-driven civility score.
  • Explore opportunities in gaming subscriptions as Netflix enters the arena.
  • Navigate the challenges and opportunities in the post-third-party cookie era.
  • Get exclusive insights into Zefr's AI advancements and DoubleVerify's nuanced approach to classifying MFA sites. 
January 2024

Happy New Year! Welcome to the BSI January 2024 Newsletter, the first newsletter of the year! In this newsletter, we:

  • explore the challenges of ensuring brand safety and suitability in the digital advertising world, particularly in the context of generative AI and podcast content;
  • discuss the delicate balance between revenue goals and player engagement in the gaming industry and the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives;
  • and more!

Previous Issues

December 2023

Welcome to the BSI December 2023 Newsletter! In this edition, we recap Brand Safety Week and delve into topics like gaming collaborations, AI in brand safety, and the balance between brand safety and authenticity. Plus, explore the difference between brand suitability and brand safety. Read on for insights and updates.

September 2023

Before we start we’d like to say: Join us in welcoming AJ Brown as our newly appointed COO! 🎉
Read more about his past and future at BSI.

Now enjoy your regularly scheduled newsletter: Explore the intricate world of news buying methods, from direct relationships to programmatic challenges, and discover a cutting-edge trust and technology model for smarter choices and brand protection. Plus, celebrate GUESS? Inc.'s remarkable sustainability achievements, earning them prestigious awards for their commitment to ESG values and responsible marketing.

August 2023

  • Discover the fascinating truth about AI safety, as tech giants grapple with self-regulation and data privacy while exploring AI's potential impact on society.
  • Delve into the challenges and opportunities presented by the rise and fall of the hyped social media platform, Threads, and its effects on advertisers.
  • Explore the captivating intersection of gaming, entertainment, and advertising, where boundaries blur to create immersive experiences.
  • Learn how LGBTQ+ representation in media and advertising is shaping the future of personalized marketing, and unravel the journey of brand safety in the face of evolving platforms and partnerships.

July 2023

  • Could Biore’s influencer backlash have been avoided
  • The Potential and Perils of Live & Live-Streamed Entertainment
  • The Rise of Influencers and the Ongoing Legacy of Content Creators
  • Knowing Your Partners is also Crucial in Gaming

June 2023

  • What Does Twitter's New CEO Mean for Advertisers?
  • BSI Board Member, Chris Marino, on Adweek's Young Influentials Podcast
  • Louis Jones quoted by CNBC after Trust & Safety resignations from Elon Musk's Twitter
  • Are Misconceptions Around Gaming Keeping You from Reaching Valuable Audiences?
  • Obituary Pirates and Brand Safety

May 2023

  • Advisory Board Member Highlight
  • GumGum Raising Table Stakes in Brand Safety
  • Meta Releases Brand Suitability Controls Based on GARM Framework
  • Streaming Growth Raises News Brand Safety and Suitability Issues
  • The Rise of Content Creators in Advertising & Brand Safety
  • Elon Musk speaks to advertisers as POSSIBLE