Brand Safety Tools

Brand Safety Metrics 101
Introduction to the fundamental concepts of viewability, invalid traffic (IVT), and malware threats, and a way to think about the challenges of data collection.
Brand Safety Glossary
Glossary of digital advertising terms-of-art, players, organizations, and technical processes, with an emphasis on those that impact good brand safety practice.
Local Media Inclusion List
The Local Media Consortium (LMC), in partnership with the Brand Safety Institute and Scott Cunningham, consultant and Founder of the IAB Tech Lab, today announced the creation of a media-buying "Local News Advertising Inclusion List" that opens up thousands of vetted local media advertising opportunities for national brands and companies during times of crises, particularly as the Coronavirus pandemic generates heightened media consumption.
AdMonsters Decoder
Ad Tech is a never-ending world of acronyms, alphabet soup and technical mumbo jumbo. With our handy decoder ring, AdMonsters Decoder series decodes the latest terminology to enter the ad tech lexicon.
American Marketing Association's Brand Safety Checklist for B2B Marketers
This comprehensive checklist simplifies the validation process for finding trusted and informed Vendor Partners that help protect your clients, employees, and business, bringing transparency and accountability to the vendor selection process.
Brand Safety Job Listings
Black Representation in Marketing Framework Tools
The new open-sourced, cross industry framework from The Advertising Association's Black Representation in Marketing (BRiM) initiative, includes principles, commitments and tools to champion fair representation of Black people in marketing. The framework aims to cover the complete marketing journey, and provides readily available templates and tools for putting efforts into practice.
An automated tool that compares ads.txt files with sellers.json and provides simple and useful feedback "to help publishers and buyers gain insight into the authenticity of the parties who mediate between them."