Club Courage & The Equity Lounge

The Brand Safety Institute partnered with Bospar, an awarding winning PR firm, to present Club Courage & The Equity Lounge at the 2023 Brand Safety Summit in NYC.  Club Courage was originally created by Bospar, who recognized that there was no place for the LGBTQ+ community to congregate at Cannes.  BSI thought that was an incredibly great idea and an equally great opportunity to focus attendees at industry events on the concept on inclusivity.  

For the Brand Safety Summit, Bospar & BSI decided to expand Club Courage to include all diverse communities, and sponsored the closing reception to raise awareness of the need to for brands to continue to push inclusivity in their marketing efforts — a $5.4 trillion opportunity with these communities.  

Club Courage

Featuring surprising and informative facts from BSI’s DEI Knowledge Center, the Inclusivity IQ Quiz was created by Bospar & BSI to highlight the spending strength of diverse communities and brands that are making headway in their DEI efforts.

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Watch our summaries of the major takeaways from the Club Courage & The Equity Lounge below.

Representation in Brand safety

Driving a DE&I Agenda is Good Business