Ad-Supported Piracy

Louis Jones, the BSI’s BSO-in-Residence, talks to Abrahim Farraj, BSI Advisory Board member and Director, Creative Content Protection at NBCUniversal Media, and Tom Galvin of the Digital Citizens Alliance (DCA) about the DCA's "Unholy Triangle Report" on ad-funded piracy and the effects of malvertising.

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What you'll learn:

  • How criminals set up their malvertising efforts — and how consumers sometimes unwittingly help those efforts
  • The staggering dollar amounts involved when it comes to ad-funded piracy
  • How malvertising and ad-funded piracy has evolved over the years
  • Why verification efforts may not be able to account for pirated content
  • And why you can’t consider yourself responsible when it comes to brand safety if you’re not also actively protecting consumer privacy

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