Brand Assurance with Deva Bronson

Deva Bronson, EVP, Global Head of Brand Assurance at dentsu Media, joins Louis Jones, the BSI’s BSO-in-Residence to discuss brand assurance: what that concept means and what it consists of, how an agency can bring this concept to life for its clients and for the industry as a whole in regions all around the world, and what brand assurance looks like in a Web 3.0 (and beyond) world.

What you'll learn:

  • The critical components of managing a “brand assurance” strategy that supports your paid media practice and generates positive ROI
  • Why DEI efforts are about “refining brand suitability,” and examples of KPIs that require an eye toward brand safety principles and practice in order to achieve campaign goals
  • The importance of brand safety and suitability training and expertise to create more effective marketing and agency teams and partnerships
  • How a brand assurance strategy addresses differing regional cultural, social, and political nuances
  • What the scope of “sustainability” is – and what that means for media, marketing, and communications from an operational perspective
  • How brand safety, brand assurance, and sustainability should be applied to emerging platforms and digital environments such as CTV, audio, and the metaverse