Evolving Brand Safety with Amit Shetty

Amit Shetty, BSI Advisory Board member and VP Product Management Ad Fraud Platform at Pixalate, joins Louis Jones, the BSI’s BSO-in-Residence to discuss the current state of brand safety and, in particular, the challenges raised by apps when it comes to child safety, the unique challenges of CTV, and how both fraud and privacy are important from a brand safety perspective.

What you'll learn:

  • Things brands can do to be more brand safe—and more consumer safe
  • Some big themes that people who work in brand safety need to be thinking more critically about
  • Why the industry shouldn’t depend on app stores to provide the info they need
  • The gaps between apps made for kids and the apps that kids actually use—and what that means for brand safety
  • Fraud vectors in some areas that might surprise you
  • The current state of CTV, brand safety detection on CTV, and what people who deal with that space should be wary of
  • 2 factors BSOs need to keep in mind even though they may not seem so obviously tied to brand safety