The Brand Safety Institute has compiled resources for certified Brand Safety Officers and others in digital advertising who are dealing with brand safety issues on a day-to-day basis. Collecting the work of leading professionals and brand safety experts in one convenient location, it's everything one needs to implement an effective brand safety practice, grow their career, and become an invaluable corporate resource.

Brand Safety Officer-in-Residence

BSI's Brand Safety Officer-in-Residence amplifies the voice, contributions and importance of a well-trained and resourced Brand Safety Officer. They provide guidance and leadership to the brand safety community on issues related to: training and education, how to stand up and run impactful corporate brand safety programs, and safeguarding trust and safety in the media ecosystem. Learn more »


BSI's Creator-in-Residence, Elijah Psysk, will help guide our work with the growing creator economy, in the name of brand safety, and will also help elevate BSI’s messaging to its communities across our work and social platforms. Learn more »