Tips and Resources for Marketers Navigating Brand Safety & Suitability on Platforms

In today's digital advertising landscape, managing brand safety and suitability is more critical than ever, and navigating platforms in particular poses a unique challenge for marketers. In this resource from BSI, AJ Brown, BSI's Chief Operating Officer, and Dave Byrne, founder of TrustRaise, aim to equip marketers with the insights, tools, and strategies needed to navigate the complexities of these environments. This resource draws on Brown and Byrne's extensive experience leading brand safety practices at major social media platforms, as well as expertise from current brand safety leaders at platforms and large brand advertisers.


From understanding foundational concepts to level-setting on difficult conversations between marketers and platforms, this guide equips marketers with the knowledge to protect their brand and make informed ad buying decisions.

What You’ll Learn

Foundational Concepts
Understand the essential terminology and definitions that form the backbone of brand safety. Explore industry frameworks such as those established by the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) and how they provide a common language and standards for ensuring brand safety across different platforms.

Monitoring Compliance
Explore the importance of using both first-party and third-party tools to continuously monitor brand safety and suitability. Gain insights into how transparency reports can inform and enhance your brand safety practices.

Roles and Responsibilities Across the Ecosystem
Disentangle the roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders in the digital supply chain, including platforms, publishers, and third-party providers. Learn how collaboration and accountability are key to maintaining a safe and suitable advertising environment.

Navigating Platform Safety Policies
Get practical guidance on how to navigate and adhere to platform safety policies. Learn about reporting procedures for objectionable content and how platform rules impact brand safety efforts.

What Brand Safety Isn’t
Clarify common misconceptions about brand safety. Understand the facets of responsible marketing that typically fall outside the scope of platform brand safety teams, and how best to navigate these incongruencies when issues arise.

Industry Resources

Created collaboratively by leaders across the media and marketing ecosystem, these industry standards and explainers can help you with your brand safety and suitability efforts:

Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) Brand Safety Floor and Suitability Framework
Ensure that your publisher and platform partners are compliant with the Brand Safety Floor. Determine your risk tolerance level for all content categories by brand, include those in your media plans and insertion orders, and continually monitor and update your preferences.

Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) Adjacency Framework
Use this guideline to understand what adjacency means by media channel and format

Media Rating Council (MRC) Supplemental Guidance on Content Level Context and Brand Safety Ad Verification
GARM’s Brand Safety Floor is incorporated by reference into these technical standards used to audit and certify the tools used by practitioners of media buying.