“Brand safety is still a relatively new concept for digital advertising,” BSI co-founder Neal Thurman was quoted as saying. “Many people working in brand safety today were asked or assigned to cover one or more brand safety-related issues after arriving at their job, but they didn’t have a lot of support, references, or best practices to work from."

To address that need in the industry, the Brand Safety Institute has created a Resource Library for their certified Brand Safety Officers, and others in digital advertising who are dealing with these issues on a day-to-day basis. A collection of practical guides, brand safety case-studies, industry research, and more, the Resource Library contains contributions from BSI's Brand Safety Officer in Residence, as well as collecting the work of leading professionals and brand safety experts in one convenient location. With tips and tools for brands, ad tech, and publishers, it's everything anyone would need to implement an effective brand safety practice, grow their career, and become invaluable corporate resource themselves.

Some resources, indicated by a lock icon , are only available to BSI members and certified Brand Safety Officers. To access them:

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Brand Safety Best Practice Guides

Identifying, Preventing, and Addressing Adjacency Issues
Discussion of best practices for brands, ad tech, and publishers around problems caused by undesirable ad adjacencies.
Hardening Defenses to Prevent Malware in the Direct Sales Channel
Guide to reducing the risk that a bad actor could gain access to a publisher's users by exploiting weaknesses in the Direct Sales Channel.
Developing an Anti-Malware Program for your Organization
Publishers' guide to preventing, monitoring, and stopping malware attacks on their users.
Selecting and Continuously Evaluating Your Vendors
Discussion of best practices in finding the right external partners for a business need, and making sure they live up to your expectations.
Understanding, Explaining, and Demonstrating the Value of a BSO
Discussion of how to communicate your value as a BSO across the company, and how to raise your profile.
Leveraging BSO Certification as a Differentiator in Market
Talking points for companies' sales and business development teams to explain why their investment in an in-house BSO makes them a superior partner, versus those companies who do not make that investment.

Brand Safety Tools

Brand Safety Metrics 101
Introduction to the fundamental concepts of viewability, invalid traffic (IVT), and malware threats, and a way to think about the challenges of data collection.
Brand Safety Glossary
Glossary of digital advertising terms-of-art, players, organizations, and technical processes, with an emphasis on those that impact good brand safety practice.
Local Media Inclusion List
The Local Media Consortium (LMC), in partnership with the Brand Safety Institute and Scott Cunningham, consultant and Founder of the IAB Tech Lab, today announced the creation of a media-buying "Local News Advertising Inclusion List" that opens up thousands of vetted local media advertising opportunities for national brands and companies during times of crises, particularly as the Coronavirus pandemic generates heightened media consumption.
AdMonsters Decoder
Ad Tech is a never-ending world of acronyms, alphabet soup and technical mumbo jumbo. With our handy decoder ring, AdMonsters Decoder series decodes the latest terminology to enter the ad tech lexicon.
American Marketing Association's Brand Safety Checklist for B2B Marketers
This comprehensive checklist simplifies the validation process for finding trusted and informed Vendor Partners that help protect your clients, employees, and business, bringing transparency and accountability to the vendor selection process.
Brand Safety Job Listings
via Indeed.com
Black Representation in Marketing Framework Tools
The new open-sourced, cross industry framework from The Advertising Association's Black Representation in Marketing (BRiM) initiative, includes principles, commitments and tools to champion fair representation of Black people in marketing. The framework aims to cover the complete marketing journey, and provides readily available templates and tools for putting efforts into practice.
An automated tool that compares ads.txt files with sellers.json and provides simple and useful feedback "to help publishers and buyers gain insight into the authenticity of the parties who mediate between them."

Brand Safety White Papers

Defining Brand Safety
In order to create a clear definition of Brand Safety, we developed a methodology for understanding how different parties define Brand Safety and how we can help educate the industry and promote better and more consistent marketplace execution.
Defining Brand Safety: Execution Challenges
The white paper found that investment in brand safety initiatives resulted in a positive ROI for some marketers who tracked that cost, while brands' increased focus on brand safety strategy enabled greater, more transparent collaboration with their agency partners. The paper is also the first to try to quantify brand safety investment.
Brand Safety Defined: 2020 the Year of the Consumer
In 2019, many advertising supply chain organizations were putting in a number of controls strategies and processes as it relates to direct consumer engagement safety. This included investments in tools and processes optimizing for advertising adjacency and content avoidance issues and consumer privacy safe guards, in particular GDPR and CCPA.
Identification: It's as easy as A-B-C
Effectively using identifiers in the digital advertising supply chain
How to Evolve to Brand Suitability with True Context
As marketers seek control and require confidence in the contextual solutions they deploy, it is more critical than ever for digital advertisers to understand the nuances and varied content types that ads can appear alongside. The guide looks at the evolution, and challenges, of brand safety and brand suitability, and a framework for "contextual maturity".

Industry Research and Brand Safety Frameworks

4As Brand Safety Floor Framework
The Brand Safety Floor identifies 13 content categories that pose risk to advertisers, whereby advertisers might choose to adopt a "never appropriate" position for their ad buys. The Floor is incorporated by reference into the Media Rating Council's (MRC) final version of its Supplemental Guidance on Content Level Context and Brand Safety Ad Verification.
4As Brand Safety Playbook
Produced in partnership with the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), Brand Safety Institute (BSI), and IAB Tech Lab, the 4A's Brand Safety Playbook is designed to create cohesive guidelines for brand safety across fraud, malware, and content adjacencies, giving marketers the tools needed for safer deployment of digital advertising, and helping brands and agencies devote less time and effort to detect, report, address, and avoid brand safety risks—and more to your core remits of performance and brand building.
4As Brand Suitability Framework
The Brand Suitability Framework details different classes of content within each of the 13 content categories that pose risk to advertisers and assigns risk levels that advertisers can use to determine their own suitability for content, understanding that not all advertisers will have the same view of the risks posed to their brand.
IAB's Understanding Brand Safety and Brand Suitability in a Contemporary Media Landscape
IAB's Programmatic+Data Center convened a working group... to create a brand safety and suitability guide for advertisers, agencies, and publishing professionals. The completed guide outlines concepts, definitions, tools, and transactional applications.
GARM Brand Safety Floor and Sustainability Framework
The GARM has developed and will adopt common definitions to ensure that the advertising industry is categorizing harmful content in the same way across the board. These eleven key categories have been identified in consultation with experts from GARM's NGO Consultative Group. Establishing these standards is the essential foundation needed to stop harmful content from being monetised through advertising. Individual GARM members will adopt these shared principles in their operations, whether they are a marketer, agency, or media platform.
MRC Supplemental Guidance on Content Level Context and Brand Safety Ad Verification
This Supplement is intended to promote enhanced Context and Brand Safety guidance across social media platforms and user generated content, as well as to be used in conjunction with existing guidance as part of MRC accreditation auditing.
GroupM Brand Safety Playbook
Brand safety is a complex, nuanced matter and will continue to evolve in the years ahead. In this report, we aim to look at what the future may hold. We begin with an overview of political, social and technological shifts impacting brand safety at a high level. We then look to specific challenges in five categories currently undergoing rapid transformation: Connected TV, Digital Out-of-Home, Location Data, Audio and Gaming.
WFA Global Media Charter
Advertisers' principles for partnership in the digital media advertising ecosystem.
GARM Aggregated Measurement Report - April 2021
The first Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) report tracking performance on brand safety across seven platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.
Examining Opaque Programmatic Markets with the Credibility Coalition AdSellers Dataset
Quantifying how the ads.txt and sellers.json standards are used in practice, via MisinfoCon
Publicis Groupe Responsible Marketing and Communication – Key Principles
These Responsible Marketing Key Principles are applied to all forms of commercial communication delivered by Publicis Groupe agencies everywhere. These Key Principles are universal, content and technology neutral. They are aligned with the global Advertising and Marketing Communications Code, established by ICC (International Chamber of Commerce), which are regularly revised through a collegial and international work stream with all stakeholders from the industry and applicable to everyone in the marketing eco-system.
GroupM "Responsible Investment" buying framework
The framework's five focus areas—Brand Safety, Data Ethics, DE&I, Responsible Journalism and Sustainability—signals a new media era where scale serves clients through a commitment to make advertising work better for people.
IPG Mediabrands Introduces Media Responsibility Principles
While "Brand Safety" protects the brand, "Brand Responsibility" protects the communities that a brand serves, weighing the societal impact of the content, the publishers and services, and the platforms being funded by advertising. Mediabrands' MRPs are a call to action for companies to hold themselves to higher standards more broadly when it relates to brand safety and brand responsibility matters, not just in media.
IPG Mediabrands' Latest Media Responsibility Index
Media Responsibility Index, a quantitative report that strives to raise industry standards around brand safety and media responsibility in advertising.

Platform Policies and Community Guidelines


Making YouTube safer
At the heart of our approach are the four Rs - we Remove content that violates our policies, Reduce the spread of harmful misinformation and borderline material, Raise up authoritative sources for news and information, and Reward trusted Creators.
Community Guidelines
Our Community Guidelines are designed to ensure our community stays protected. They set out what's allowed and not allowed on YouTube, and apply to all types of content on our platform, including videos, comments, links, and thumbnails.


Brand Safety @Twitter
Improving the health of the public conversation is a top priority for Twitter. Violence, harassment and other similar types of behavior discourage people from expressing themselves and create an unsafe environment, and this behavior has no place on Twitter. In addition to our work to combat this negative activity platform-wide, Twitter has invested in a suite of solutions aimed at ensuring a safe advertising experience for everyone who uses Twitter.
Amplify Publisher Program
The Amplify Publisher Program was created to make it easy for publishers to monetize video content on Twitter, and also turn-key for advertisers to align with brand-safe content.
The Twitter Transparency Center
While Twitter has been publishing biannual transparency reports since 2012, in 2020 these reports evolved into a more comprehensive Transparency Center covering a broader array of Twitter's transparency efforts. Twitter now includes sections covering information requests, removal requests, copyright notices, trademark notices, email security, Twitter Rules enforcement, platform manipulation, and state-backed information operations.
The Twitter Rules
Twitter's purpose is to serve the public conversation. Violence, harassment and other similar types of behavior discourage people from expressing themselves, and ultimately diminish the value of global public conversation. The Twitter Rules ensure all people can participate in the public conversation freely and safely.


2020 Ads Safety Report
Providing visibility on the ways we're stopping badness in the ads ecosystem has long been a priority—and this year we're sharing more data than ever before.


Brand Safety Across the Facebook Family of Apps and Services
This course explores how our Facebook Community Standards, Instagram Community Guidelines, partner monetization policies, enforcement policies, collaboration with industry partners and advertiser tools can help brands feel safe when advertising across the Facebook family of apps and services.
About Brand Safety on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Audience Network
Brand safety allows you to control where your ads are delivered on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Audience Network. You can prevent your ads from appearing within or alongside content and publishers that aren't suitable to your brand.
Good Questions, Real Answers: Safety
We are dedicated to keeping our platforms safe, whether you're here to keep in touch with friends or you're promoting your business on our apps. We know we have more to do, so we're working with governments, policymakers, civil organizations, academics, advertisers and other experts as we continue the fight against harmful content.
Community Standards Enforcement Report, Fourth Quarter 2020
"This report provides metrics on how we enforced our policies from October through December, including metrics across 12 policies on Facebook and 10 on Instagram."


Safety Center
As a global community that thrives on creativity and expression, it's important that users feel safe and comfortable in this community. Our policies and tools are developed to promote a positive and safe environment for our community, and we trust that users will respect and utilize these measures to keep TikTok fun and welcoming for everyone.
TikTok Transparency Reports
"We publish Transparency Reports to provide visibility into the volume and nature of content removed for violating our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. We also report how we respond to law enforcement requests for information, government requests for content removals, and intellectual property removal requests. This report covers the second half of 2020 (July 1 - December 31)..."


Community guidelines
Pinterest isn't a place for antagonistic, explicit, false or misleading, harmful, hateful, or violent content or behavior. We may remove, limit, or block the distribution of such content and the accounts, individuals, groups and domains that create or spread it based on how much harm it poses.


Reddit Advertising Platform Terms
These govern the access and use of the Reddit Advertising Platform.
Reddit Advertising Policy
The Reddit Advertising Policy (the "Policy") governs all native ads published on Reddit and applies to all advertisers.
Reddit Ads Community
This is a place for advertisers to find announcements and have discussions about the Reddit Ads platform. This is an admin-sponsored community.