In its tenth year, the Brand Safety Summit featured two days of content/topics.  Day 1 was a deep dive, focused on the managing brand safety media quality issues within the programmatic ecosystem, helping attendees to understand how to achieve better outcomes.  Day 2 provided broader discussions on media responsibility issues, highlighting areas where Brand Safety Officers can make policies and decisions that align with brand suitability preferences.  An enthusiastic crowd discussed and debated the key issues for 2023 and challenges for 2024, all trying to collectively raise the bar on brand safety and suitability protocols.  

Club Courage

Club Courage & The Equity Lounge

The Brand Safety Institute partnered with Bospar, an awarding winning PR firm, to present Club Courage & The Equity Lounge at the 2023 Brand Safety Summit in NYC. Learn more about this effort highlighting the need for brands to push inclusivity in their marketing efforts.

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Watch our summaries of the major topics at Brand Safety Week below.

Brand safety week overview

Made for Advertising (MFA) Sites

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)