The Social Responsibility of Media & Technology Providers in an AI Intensive World

Here in 2023/24, you cannot have a conversation without bringing up the impact of AI, particularly Generative AI, in raising concerns about the proliferation of content and its authenticity. While this is a very legitimate concern, it turns out that most believe that our best weapon is generative AI itself!

AI in more conventional terms, has been with us for sometimes – all the connectivity/bid streams with supply chain providers, and all the targeted content/ad placements of the social platforms all involve some level of algorithmic processing. Today’s generative AI concepts are based on large language models, able to comprehend context and sentiment in new and potentially helpful ways. As with all things tech in our world, bad players will figure out how to take advantage of this capability in ways that are harmful to both brands and people.

There are several new entrants to the ecosystems who already using these large language models to be effective in Trust & Safety applications, brand safety applications, and in monitoring livestream content in relative real time. The possibilities on both sides of the equation will blossom soon. In the meantime, here are some broad thoughts on social responsibility for media & tech.

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