Data Privacy Day 2024

In celebration of Data Privacy Day, BSI has partnered with Meta to encourage the digital advertising industry and brand safety community to be better stewards of consumers’ data and experiences. 


Meta's recent report identifies five key themes that are paramount to data privacy and encourages a nuanced understanding of the diverse technological solutions available for privacy-resilient marketing. The landscape of data-driven marketing presents multifaceted challenges and opportunities. Adapting to evolving regulations requires a continuous commitment to staying informed as the transition towards privacy-first marketing presents itself as more than a mere compliance necessity. In fact, it is an opportunity for marketers to solidify strong relationships with customers

The shift in data usage dynamics prompts marketers to delve deeper into strategies that go beyond conventional approaches. The emphasis on consumer-centricity represents a fundamental shift for an industry where trust and transparency are recognized as foundational elements. The next generation of digital advertising and brand safety calls on teams to reimagine organizational structures and encourage businesses to collaborate for the common benefit with unwavering support from top-level management.