The Brand Safety Institute would like to thank the following sponsors. Not only is their support for the Brand Safety Institute essential, but their support of, and commitment to, the concept of brand safety is what drives the digital advertising industry foward.


Founding Sponsors





"Over recent years, the digital advertising industry has made significant strides in addressing some of its most important supply chain challenges. On brand safety, however, success has been hindered by the complex nature of the issue, the wide range of executives within an organization responsible for it, and the inconsistency of training and expertise around it. The Brand Safety Institute will help our industry raise its baseline for brand safety by ensuring that executives across the industry have the knowledge, relationships, and skills they need."

John DeVine
Head of Global Operations



"Creating and sustaining a quality digital advertising supply chain has become one of the defining issues for marketers over the past several years, and they are rightly demanding more from their partners. We take our commitment to quality seriously at OpenX, and we believe that it is the responsibility of every credible player in the supply chain to ensure the ecosystem is high quality and well-lit. We were one of the first exchanges to achieve platinum TAG status, and now as a founding sponsor of the Brand Safety Institute, we are supporting their efforts to train a global team of Brand Protection Officers across the digital advertising community. We are delighted to sponsor BSI's efforts and look forward to working with them to raise the bar on brand safety."

Dallas Lawrence
Chief Brand Officer



"In the complicated world of digital advertising, brand safety can be a daunting challenge. While adopting the right technologies is critical, it's equally important for companies to find and empower executives who have the right expertise, training, and relationships to successfully manage the many levels of brand protection. We are pleased to support the Brand Safety Institute in its efforts to identify, train, and recognize the executives who will help lead these vital brand safety initiatives."

Derek Wise
VP of Contextual Intelligence
Oracle Data Cloud