Brand Safety Institute Hires Christine Desrosiers As First Brand Safety Officer In Residence

Posted by Brand Safety Institute • Apr 15, 2020 4:00:00 AM

Former BabyCenter Exec Brings Broad Operational Experience in Helping Ad Industry Understand & Address Brand Safety Challenges

Washington, DC – April 15, 2020 – The Brand Safety Institute (BSI), a nonprofit advertising industry initiative to strengthen the brand safety profession, today announced the appointment of Christine Desrosiers as the organization’s first Brand Safety Officer in Residence. Desrosiers, the former BabyCenter programmatic chief, brings 17 years of experience in working with the digital ad industry to understand and address brand safety challenges. This new role is meant to provide industy-wide leadership on these topics, as Desrosiers will help BSI design and implement its new digital resource library, advance the Brand Safety Officer certification curriculum, and drive engagement and collaboration with other stakeholders.

“The Brand Safety Institute’s core work involves the exchange of knowledge. BSI shares best practices across the industry through research, education and certification, and we connect members of the brand safety community, so they can share their knowledge with one another,” said Neal Thurman, co-founder of BSI. “Christine will be an invaluable asset in that effort, as she brings an extraordinary depth of experience, knowledge, and relationships around the complicated challenges of brand safety.”

Desrosiers served as the Director of Revenue Systems and Programmatic for BabyCenter, where she spent 12 years developing and implementing programs to improve consumer experiences, advance marketers’ measurement and transparency, and protect against malvertising attacks on the platform. She was as responsible for driving strong programmatic revenue growth for the world’s number one digital parenting resource. Desrosiers is also the founder of Double Bagel Consulting, a firm that helps digital media companies design and evolve efficient, effective revenue operations.

“In these tumultuous times, brand safety becomes even more critical for marketers, as the public expects every company to live its values and help their customers through the crisis,” said Desrosiers. “I am delighted to join the Brand Safety Institute in its efforts to professionalize the field of brand safety, so every company has the executive expertise in-house to address these critical issues.”

“It is time that our $300+ Billion industry have a bright, guiding light on brand safety solutions and Christine will serve as the centralized coordinator for these efforts. Her strategic vision and practical know-how will be an invaluable service to the thousands of companies that face these challenges every day,” said Mike Zaneis, co-founder of BSI

About the Brand Safety Institute

The Brand Safety Institute is a digital advertising industry initiative to professionalize the work of brand protection. Through its research, education, and certification programs, the Brand Safety Institute gives ad industry executives the expertise and skills they need to minimize brand risks and capitalize on brand opportunities in the digital advertising supply chain. Through its Brand Safety Officer certification program, the Brand Safety Institute helps leaders set the highest standards for brand protection, learn new and emerging best practices, and build an industry-wide community of brand safety peers. More information about the Brand Safety Institute can be found at

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