As we continue to keep an eye on the development of AI in our industry, it is also useful to widen the lens and look at how other industries are experiencing and estimating the impact of AI trends on their businesses. One thing is clear: AI is a huge focal point for all businesses as each business tries to understand what AI capabilities apply to them, or can make meaningful differences in how they go to market and drive competitive advantage.

For the ad industry, a few things stick out:

  • A number of new AI technologies have surfaced focused on higher levels of safety and suitability detection
  • A number of these technologies will be co-opted by bad actors to circumvent brand safety protocols
  • AI technologies will impact creative, message/audience distribution, and analytics capabilities for new levels of campaign effectiveness
  • To that end, witness the rise of synthetic data generated to fill “holes” in data sets, and data processes designed to unearth insights (think models, attribution, ROI), and
  • Responsible AI: AI that runs in the background, to align and verify data to ensure things like compliance in various areas, including brand safety signals.

These factors will accelerate new and bold leaps forward - many of which will cause confusion and consternation.  Remember, AI has been with us for a while, it is simply getting stronger - and more flexible, enabled by large data models and higher computational quotients.  Explore where AI can benefit your enterprise - experiment - and understand that it is not a panacea, but a method to get smarter and more efficient about the many of the ways you are executing business priorities today.