The Social Responsibility of Media & Technology Providers in an AI Intensive World

From BSI's Social Responsibility Knowledge Center, here are some broad thoughts on how media and tech can thoughtfully and safely implement Artificial Intelligence.

Why Adopting GenAI Is So Difficult External Link

More than a year after the launch of ChatGPT, companies are still facing the same question when they first considered the technology: How do they actually go about putting it into business use? Many companies have simply discovered that generative AI tools like LLMs, while impressive, aren’t plug and play. 

How AI can strengthen digital security External Link

We’re launching the AI Cyber Defense Initiative to help transform cybersecurity and use AI to reverse the dynamic known as the “Defender’s Dilemma”

The Genie is Out of the Bottle: Data Privacy in the Era of AI

Unlock exclusive insights on today’s consumer + AI. Download this pioneering study to probe deep into consumer sentiment surrounding AI and personal data.

Test Yourself: Which Faces Were Made by A.I.? External Link

People tend to overestimate their ability to spot digital fakes, researchers found.

The ARF Handbook for Using AI in Advertising Research

In the ever-evolving landscape of advertising research, artificial intelligence (AI) could stand as a transformative force, reshaping how data is analyzed, insights are gleaned and strategies are formed. The Advertising Research Foundation Handbook for Using AI in Advertising Research is a comprehensive guide designed to navigate the complexities and potentials of AI in this dynamic field.

The Future of Advertising is Here: How AI is Reshaping the Industry External Link

From personalized experiences to predictive analysis and better contextual ads, discover the transformative power of AI for the future of advertising.

AI in Programmatic Advertising: What It Is & Its Future External Link

Generative AI is ushering in a new era of efficiency in programmatic advertising. AI is automating a lot of the manual work. With the integration of AI tools, ad buying, selling, placement, and targeting have become more efficient and effective, thanks to the precision of data-driven analysis.

AI in Digital Marketing - The Ultimate Guide External Link

AI has evolved from a fantastical notion to a game-changer for digital marketers today. It's become the secret engine driving personalized ads, predictive analytics, customer experiences, and much more. Find out more about AI and how it can be used effectively in your digital marketing.

How to Design an AI Marketing Strategy External Link

In order to realize AI’s giant potential, CMOs need to have a good grasp of the various kinds of applications available and how they may evolve. This article guides marketing executives through the current state of AI and presents a framework that will help them classify their existing projects and plan the effective rollout of future ones. It categorizes AI along two dimensions: intelligence level and whether it stands alone or is part of a broader platform. Simple stand-alone task-automation apps are a good place to start. But advanced, integrated apps that incorporate machine learning have the greatest potential to create value, so as firms build their capabilities, they should move toward those technologies.