Brand Safety White Papers

Brand Safety Evolved
Louis Jones, Brand Safety Officer in Residence, set out to get a pulse on where we as an ecosystem stand on brand safety, given this swirl of societal issues ins 2020 and into 2021. He talked with representatives from across the industry to take stock of where marketers, agencies, platforms, and publishers are at this moment in time and what the view is toward a future of better brand safe measures.
Defining Brand Safety
In order to create a clear definition of Brand Safety, we developed a methodology for understanding how different parties define Brand Safety and how we can help educate the industry and promote better and more consistent marketplace execution.
Defining Brand Safety: Execution Challenges
The white paper found that investment in brand safety initiatives resulted in a positive ROI for some marketers who tracked that cost, while brands' increased focus on brand safety strategy enabled greater, more transparent collaboration with their agency partners. The paper is also the first to try to quantify brand safety investment.
Brand Safety Defined: 2020 the Year of the Consumer
In 2019, many advertising supply chain organizations were putting in a number of controls strategies and processes as it relates to direct consumer engagement safety. This included investments in tools and processes optimizing for advertising adjacency and content avoidance issues and consumer privacy safe guards, in particular GDPR and CCPA.
Identification: It's as easy as A-B-C
Effectively using identifiers in the digital advertising supply chain
How to Evolve to Brand Suitability with True Context
As marketers seek control and require confidence in the contextual solutions they deploy, it is more critical than ever for digital advertisers to understand the nuances and varied content types that ads can appear alongside. The guide looks at the evolution, and challenges, of brand safety and brand suitability, and a framework for "contextual maturity".