Determine your Stance on Misinformation and Disinformation

Through discussions with brand safety experts who contributed to Brand Safety Evolves white paper, we were able to identify areas of leverage that can evolve your brand safety practice to keep up with these changing times. As part of our inaugural "Brand Safety Week", Louis Jones, BSI's Brand Safety Officer in Residence, set out to explore each of these areas in greater depth. Jones spoke with industry experts, thought leaders, and those responsible for brand safety at some of the largest marketers, agencies, and platforms. These discussions can help guide your own brand safety evolution, and to help that, we've developed a checklist of the steps you can take to accelerate your efforts in creating your own Brand Safety Plan.

In this video, Louis talks to Caitlin Rush, Head of Global Brand Safety Strategy, and AJ Brown, Brand Safety & Monetization at Twitter along with Harrison Boys, Director, Standards & Investment Product, EMEA at MAGNA Global. They discuss how platforms deal with mis/disinformation generated by their users; what steps do they take and how far can they go in keeping their feeds "clean"? Boys brings in an agency and marketer perspective on how they can ensure brands swerve the worst of digital publishing.


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