Louis Jones

The Brand Safety Institute has created the position of Brand Safety Officer in Residence to help design and implement its new digital resource library, advance the Brand Safety Officer curriculum, and drive engagement and collaboration with other stakeholders.

Louis-Jonesexternal-content.duckduckgoLongtime agency and 4A's executive Louis Jones is the current Brand Safety Officer in Residence.

A consultant advising major companies across a range of industry issues, Jones was formerly the Executive Vice President (EVP) of Media & Data Practices for the 4A's, managing the association's thought-leadership and standards efforts across brand safety, ID resolution, measurement, accountability, and attribution. Prior to the 4A's, Jones was CEO of Maxus North America, leading them to recognition as Adweek's 2012 Media Agency of the Year. Before that, Jones served in a range of senior roles at Havas and other agencies, working with many of the world's largest advertisers.

"Brand safety is not a one-size-fits-all problem, as each brand has its own unique identity, opportunities, and needs. That's why BSI gives brand safety professionals the expertise, best practices, and relationships they need to understand and manage the complicated challenges facing each individual brand. I am excited and honored to be serving in this role, and I look forward to working with brand safety officers across the industry to help understand and address their needs."
- Louis Jones, BSI Brand Safety Officer in Residence

"There are few individuals with the breadth and depth of experience in building, strengthening, and protecting brands as Louis," said Mike Zaneis, co-founder of BSI. "From his diverse agency roles to his leadership at the 4A's on brand safety, including the creation of the Advertiser Protection Bureau and Brand Safety & Sustainability Framework, Louis has been on the vanguard of these complicated issues, and we are delighted to bring him into this role as a resource for BSI and other brand safety officers across the industry."

derosiers2Jones will succeed former BabyCenter programmatic chief Christine Desrosiers, who was named BSI's first Brand Safety Officer in Residence earlier this year. "Christine set a high bar for this new position by representing BSI in industry forums, engaging in discussions on key brand safety topics with industry leaders, and developing the tools and policies Brand Safety Officers need to succeed," said Neal Thurman, co-founder of BSI. "We look forward to continuing to work with Christine on these important issues going forward, as she will continues to serve on the BSI Advisory Board and represent the publishers' perspective on new and evolving brand safety issues."