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Guidelines for Getting Started When Investing with Diverse Media Companies

The ANA and the 4A’s partnered on a new set of guidelines designed to help companies increase their investments in diverse media companies. The guidelines are intended to help those marketers who are interested in supporting diverse suppliers but are still sitting on the sidelines and not sure where to begin.

How to Effectively — and Legally — Use Racial Data for DEI

After the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling striking against affirmative action in higher education, leaders might be concerned that their DEI initiatives and programs will face additional scrutiny and legal challenge. While reducing liability is a responsible move, the author cautions against letting these efforts lead to a fear-driven abandonment of effective DEI practices. To sustain DEI progress in this time, companies should focus on curtailing the usage of racial data that is the most legally risky, while taking decisive action to continue using racial data to eliminate discrimination, remove bias, and create fairer workplaces. The author illustrates how to curtail this risk, identifies five goals for this data use (to identify disparities, to remove universal barriers, to correct discrimination, to design fair processes, and to demonstrate DEI progress), and offers dos and don’ts for companies hoping to sustain DEI progress.

Dollars & DEI: Multicultural Consumers’ Insights on Brands’ Media Buying and Marketing Practice

Direct Digital Holdings has released a comprehensive whitepaper - Dollars & DEI: Multicultural Consumers' Insights on Brands' Media Buying and Marketing Practices. The findings reveal that brands, at a time of economic uncertainty, are currently missing out on significant revenue and market share growth opportunities – and jeopardizing future growth – due to a lack of appropriate and purposeful focus on the Black, Hispanic/Latin, AAPI, and LGBTQIA+ communities.

Harvard Business Review: Where Religious Identity Fits into Your DEI Strategy

Companies generally avoid acknowledging religious differences at work because they fear doing so creates legal risk. This is short-sighted. People’s religious identity is a form of diversity, so religion must be part of any company’s DEI strategy. These seven best practices will help companies embrace religious diversity.

Examining LGBTQ+ representation in media and advertising

Nielsen examines LGBTQ representation in media and advertising to identify how brands are targeting audiences based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

AI, business psychology and DEIB: Exploring the links

Zara Amer rounds up a recent webinar that looks at how AI can positively affect organizations’ DEIB efforts. Could it level the playing field?

Diversity Calendar 2023

Need a Diversity Calendar for 2023? Get complete DEI and inclusion events, religious observances, heritage months 2023, and more

Black Representation in Marketing Framework Tools

Take action and create meaningful change - explore the BRiM framework tools to improve Black representation in marketing today.

Black-Owned Media Database

A curated public databse of Black-owned media companies across the country.