Perspectives and Opinions from Around the Industry

In this section, BSI attempts to highlight clear, and sometimes varying thoughts on what DEI is and how you both prioritize a DEI strategy and develop a workstream to achieve goals. Here, we think it is important to understand how some leaders think about the issues and have perspective on what to do - and what not to do.

Why The Black Press Is Key To A 2024 Campaign Victory External Link

By advertising in the Black press, Democrats can directly impact how Black voters perceive their policies and candidates. Here are a few of the unique qualities and advantages of advertising in Black-owned media.

Is Black Television Out Of Sync With Black America? External Link

Stories of immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean and their descendants have been as invisible during Black History Month as the rest of the year.

Everything About Black History Month External Link

AdMonster's Black History Month section celebrates a host of Black ad tech and digital media professionals who are impacting the industry and the larger community of diverse professionals who are following them.

LGBTQ discussion

BSI spoke with several dynamic figures within the ad industry focused on LGBTQ+ inclusion and representation.

  • LGBTQ+ Discussion, Part 1
    Infinity Partnerships co-founders Amanada Binns and George Mani; Matt Skallerud, President of Pink Media
  • LGBTQ+ Discussion, Part 2
    Infinity Partnerships co-founders Amanada Binns and George Mani; Curtis Sparrer, principal and co-founder of Bospar PR
The Future Of Black Owned Media External Link

Only 4% of all media in the U.S. is Black-owned. Moreover, experts say that biased practices from advertisers make it harder for Black-owned media companies to be profitable. NPR's Eric Deggans talks to Byron Allen, about his ambitions to grow his media empire, hold advertisers to account, and control the narrative of how Black people are represented in media.

Asian American Diversity | AAPI Meaning and Diversity External Link

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is observed during the month of May to recognize AAPI meaning and Asian community in the U.S.

Hispanic consumers drive US population and spending growth External Link

Hispanic consumers make up over 18% of the total US population, which equates to about 62 million people, according to the US Census Bureau’s most recent American Community Survey.

Asian American workers: Diverse outcomes and hidden challenges External Link

Asian Americans in the workplace often face invisible challenges. Organizations can maximize more of this group’s potential by acknowledging its diversity.

Essay | The Forgotten Part of MLK’s Dream: Good Jobs and Higher Wages External Link

Ken Chenault and Ken Frazier, the former CEOs of American Express and Merck, remember the March on Washington 60 years ago, and call attention to a forgotten part of its message: the demand for good jobs and higher wages for Black Americans.

‘Call me woke,’ Mark Cuban says on Mackinac Island External Link

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban primarily relayed anecdotes and lessons from his business career, but also had some colorful language for politicians his conversation at the Mackinac Policy Conference.

Sheryl Daija and Louis Jones

BSI CMO, Louis Jones collaborates with Sheryl Daija, Founder and CEO of BRIDGE, a new industry group focused on changing how we think about DEI, and how inclusiveness has a positive impact as a business strategy. In these two co-authored articles Sheryl and Louis speak on the idea that inclusiveness — inside and outside your organization — is essential for every brand vying for consumer’s attention. They posit that leaders need to think more intentionally around product and campaign development — and how to elevate your thinking beyond the obvious “diverse” calendar callouts (Black History Month, Women Months, Pride, etc.). They believe there is strong and recurring value to selecting diverse groups to align with strategically, throughout the year.

Carolina Abenante and Jessica Hwang: Ensuring a Future of Inclusivity With Today’s Automated Reconciliation External Link

As industry efforts to promote diversity expand to media spend, Carolina Abenante, co-founder of NYIAX, and Jessica Hwang, VP, Sales, demonstrate how Automated Reconciliation will empower media planners and buyers to verify that those commitments are met.

Why diversity in marketing and social media is non-negotiable External Link

Diversity in social media is crucial. But work must be done inside an organization and out. Read our tips on creating a long-term strategy.

The Truth About DEI, Marketing and Spending With Black Media External Link

Among the many diversity, equity and inclusion pledges made by corporations in the wake of George Floyd’s murder were commitments to spend more advertising dollars with Black-owned media companies. Media entrepreneur Charles Cantu joins Beyond The Hype to share why and how we must hold agencies and their clients accountable for delivering on those pledges.

LIGHTBULB SESSIONS, S2, E6: Reaching diversity at scale with authenticity with Christopher Kenna External Link

Christopher Kenna discusses the true value of diversity and inclusion in the modern age of business, from day-to-day operations to marketing and campaigns.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: The Legacy of Louis Jones, Brand Safety Institute External Link

Louis Jones of Brand Safety Institute spoke to us about his career, brand safety's effect on Black media, and performative activism.