Women’s Rights and Equality

Through the decades, women of all backgrounds have made valuable contribution to the improvement of society for everyone. As these contributions were not always recognized or rewarded over the years, Women’s History Month give us all an opportunity to remember and reflect on the achievements of women across all fields of society.

Jimmy Carter designates National Women's History Week

courtesy National Women's History Museum

While great contributions are acknowledged, the struggle to meet current day injustices continues. Across the fight for women’s rights globally, a few key themes are still ever present:

  • Sexual & domestic violence against women
  • Economic justice & gender pay gaps
  • Representation in leadership
  • Racial & gender identity injustices
  • 0Reproductive rights and bodily autonomy

The gravity of issues vary by region of the world, but the fight for equal rights is a continuing effort among women and their allies. The following resources offer more information on the beginnings of Women’s History month; great references to women who have made indelible; change, and perspectives on key issues that persist on the topic of Women’s Rights.


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Women in the Workplace

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