Good privacy practices are good brand safety

Consumer privacy is becoming an ever more prevalent part of the daily discussion of brand safety. It’s no longer a question of if or even when brands will need to address consumer privacy, but how. And it’s not just brands that need to be thinking about data privacy; given the pending regulations, publishers, and platforms are on the hook as well.

Efforts to address consumer privacy start with answering some basic questions:

  • What data is being collected?
  • Which data is subject to privacy regulation in the areas where your business is conducted?
  • And how is that data handled and protected?

The damage from a privacy breach may well be more catastrophic for a brand and/or a publisher than the brand suitability issues that arise from a questionable ad placement. Industry players that take privacy seriously now will build consumer trust that can sustain their brand safety efforts for many years to come.

Fortunately, industry standards are being developed that will enable companies to address regulations across a wide swath of jurisdictions around the globe.

In celebration of Data Privacy Day, BSI has partnered with Meta to encourage the digital advertising industry and brand safety community to be better stewards of consumers’ data and experiences.

Read what Christine Desrosiers, director of product management at Boltive, and Rachel Glasser, chief privacy officer of Magnite, recommend for marketers to build the trust that will drive revenue.

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Consumer Privacy is at the Heart of Brand Safety

Rachel Glasser, Alison Pepper, and Richy Glassberg talk about privacy in the digital advertising ecosystem and why protecting consumer data is such a central part of brand safety now.


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Evolving Brand Safety

Amit Shetty, VP Product Management Ad Fraud Platform at Pixalate, explains the challenges raised by apps when it comes to child safety, and how both fraud and privacy are important from a brand safety perspective.


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Building a Technical Foundation for Advertisers

Shailley Singh, Senior Vice President of Product Management and Global Programs for the IAB Tech Lab, discusses the Global Privacy Platform the IAB Tech Lab has launched to make it possible for the digital ad ecosystem to address privacy efforts worldwide.


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