MMA launches Brand Safety and Suitability Strategy Guide

Posted by Victor Z Glenn • Dec 15, 2021 10:30:00 AM

A powerful new tool has made its debut in the arena of brand safety. This resource will greatly assist advertisers and brand management teams across multiple industries determine and flesh out their needs in the areas of brand safety and suitability. This guide, brought to you by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and the Brand Safety Institute (BSI), is a roadmap to a clear and effective framework for determining what best suits your brand across many platforms.

In its Brand Safety and Suitability Strategy Guide, the MMA has crafted “a resource to help you create a brand safety and suitability strategy for your organization.” The guide includes worksheets to assist in assessing brand safety needs as well as build individualized approaches to brand safety and suitability. Each chapter of the report outlines industry definitions and highlights the importance of key factors such as stakeholder responsibilities, budgeting, crisis management, and more.

The MMA is “a marketing trade association that brings together the full ecosystem of marketers, tech providers and sellers working collaboratively to shape the future.” As part of shaping that future, according to the MMA, it is imperative to gauge your brand comfort with content that is sure to appear in many digital spaces. This can include videos published by political dissidents, and “pirated content, pornographic and explicit sexual content, hate speech, or acts of aggression.” Knowing how to respond to these types of content forms the foundation of many solid brand safety strategies.

Partners with the MMA in bringing marketers this new resource, BSI was founded to professionalize and advance the executive capacity needed at every company to protect their brands, and has done so since 2018. There are certified brand safety practitioners at the world’s largest advertising agency holding companies, global 500 brands, and major technology platforms. With the help of the MMA and BSI, advertisers continue to have access to a growing library of brand protection and threat response resources.

Download the MMA Brand Safety and Suitability Strategy Guide, at the MMA’s website and visit the BSI to learn about certifying your own Brand Safety Officer

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