The Evidence is Mounting; Inclusion is Good for Business

Posted by Louis Jones • May 15, 2024 8:12:29 PM

I recently attended BRIDGE’24 - BRIDGE’s second annual conference dedicated to increasing organizational competence and business impact through the lens of inclusive behaviors and actions.  While, it was uplifting and inspiring to be surrounded by people who truly believe that inclusiveness has an outsized impact, it was also to wrap our heads around the incredible research/work being done by so many marketers and DEI practitioners, in so many different situations and states of maturity.  Of particular note for me is the research/work being done by BRIDGE, its Academic Team, and a handful of Board Member companies.
Dr. Omar Rodriguez-Vila presented the Team’s Inclusive Marketing research that uncovers 72 areas of organizational business practices, along with some in-depth brand explorations across some of these dimensions at these key companies.  The findings are remarkable. There is a 3X consumer response to “seeing someone who looks like me” in brand perception/response (likeability & intent)!  There is really no need to say that, as America continues to diversify in every way imaginable, that this insight is key to winning for brands.  Sadly, it needs constant reminding to keep us moving toward the world brands will soon inherit and how they can positively effect their business outcomes.  A more open and inclusive approach will yield its dividends.  Are you ready?
The evidence provided by Omar, Dionne, and Sundar is so compelling it has already been published in the Harvard Business Review (HBR) - certainly, a callout, worth your attention.  Get ready and get smart. Join the Inclusive future.