Advocating a New Approach to Brand Suitability

Posted by Brand Safety Institute • Mar 11, 2022 1:02:24 PM

Blocklists are a primary tool in many advertisers’ brand suitability strategies, but one authority says it’s time for many of those advertisers to look a little closer at what they’re doing.

Jay Pinho, Senior Manager of Product Management at Oracle and a Brand Safety Institute (BSI) Advisory Board member penned a post on the Oracle Advertising Blog highlighting what he had to say in February’s IAB Annual Leadership Meeting. Pinho, along with Marc Grabowski, GVP of Global Advertising Sales at Oracle, took part in a town hall on the topic of brand suitability, and spoke of the downsides to blocklists as well as what alternatives are available to advertisers.

Their takeaway? Being more nuanced, more contextual when targeting content that aligns with a brand’s values. And the tool for such an approach? Contextual intelligence, which Pinho likens to, “using a scalpel versus an axe.”

To learn more about what Pinho advises, read his post or check out a video of his conversation with Libby Morgan, Chief Strategy Officer, IAB.

The BSI has several tools and resources that can help advertisers in their ongoing quest to formulate brand suitable strategies. And for those looking to learn about the range of issues and opportunities surrounding brand safety, the BSI offers certifications for individuals and organizations throughout the digital advertising ecosystem.


Photo by Matias Luge on Unsplash

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