GumGum Raising Table Stakes in Brand Safety

Posted by Brand Safety Institute • Apr 19, 2023 4:38:49 AM

GumGum raises the stakes in brand safety as they are MRC Accredited for content level brand safety in desktop, mobile - and now CTV. Accreditation in CTV is a first for GumGum and the industry, so an important milestone in the journey to better brand safety.

The Brand Safety Institute (BSI) applauds GumGum for its focus and persistence in receiving accreditation from the MRC, and working within guidelines from both GARM and IAB TechLab. These are important steps, as the MRC would say, in creating market confidence for GumGum’s solutions for brand and consumers alike.

BSI believes that all providers of inventory solutions should take a progressive stance toward MRC accreditation and industry benchmarks/initiatives to bolster the importance and effectiveness of brand safety protocols.

“GumGum is so proud to be leading the market with our MRC accreditations for many reasons, but in particular, we love giving advertisers a standard against which they should be evaluating all of their brand safety partners. Given the high volume, fast paced cadence of the marketplace, brands require far deeper analysis than just text. Content-level analysis looks at all the available signals within an environment, allowing advertisers to avoid regrettable ad placements more consistently and accurately." - Lane Schechter, Director of Product, Verity/GumGum

This announcement is particularly timely as marketers and agencies find the CTV landscape harder to navigate on suitability. This trend will grow as streaming/AVOD continues to grow and judgement calls on suitability become harder to make as content can be less “PG-rated”. Whether through its exchange, or as an API solution with DSP's, GumGum can help you better achieve your suitability goals across the mobile/web - and now in CTV.

Thank you GumGum!

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