Brand Safety in the Expansive World of Gaming: Challenges and Opportunities

Posted by Victor Z Glenn • Nov 10, 2023 9:30:00 AM

The gaming world is a diverse and multifaceted environment. As exemplified by the collaboration between FaZe Clan and SteelSeries, gaming organizations and brands are co-creating a new generation of gaming products. Such partnerships offer unique opportunities for advertisers to engage with gaming communities. However, amid this collaboration, challenges related to brand safety may arise. The need for transparency and ethical concerns in the industry is pointedly showcased when salespeople secured partnerships, only to face difficulties when creators have been unwilling to fulfill the content requirements.

Beyond these collaborations, the gaming realm is also addressing profound issues, such as mental health. Ubisoft's partnership with Safe In Our World underscores the industry's recognition of its social responsibility. By providing tools and training for developers and players alike, these initiatives create a space where individuals can seek help, find support, and ultimately reduce distress. In the context of brand safety, promoting the well-being of gamers ensures a positive environment for brand engagement.

When it comes to advertising within the gaming sphere, there's substantial room for growth. The ad spend for video gaming, while widespread, currently accounts for only a fraction of ad dollars allocated to social media. Nonetheless, the forecast is bright. As large media companies invest in video games and ad gaming matures, it's expected to become the fastest-growing ad-supported media channel in 2024. The key to unlocking this potential while addressing concerns related to fraud and brand safety lies in responsible practices. As an example, Loop Media and leaders like Jon Niermann and Liam McCallum, is emblematic of the transformative changes within the gaming industry. Their work in Electronic Arts and beyond has contributed to the evolution of the gaming landscape, further highlighting the dynamic nature of this ever-expanding ecosystem.

Gaming offers a rich and evolving landscape for digital advertising, but it comes with its own set of brand safety challenges. Transparency, ethical concerns, mental health awareness, and responsible advertising practices are all integral components of navigating this terrain. As the industry continues to mature and diversify, it's clear that addressing these challenges while embracing the opportunities will be key to maintaining brand safety within the dynamic world of gaming.

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