Brand Safety Officer Unboxing

Posted by Jeremy Spitzberg • Jun 17, 2020 6:37:08 PM

The members of our Inaugural Class of Brand Safety Officers received a special thank you from us.  In addition to being able to link their certification to their LinkedIn profiles, they received a sharp-looking box on their doorstep. Co-founder Neal Thurman takes us through the unboxing.

Here's the box itself. The message is clear from the start. You're a Certified Brand Safety Officer - it says so on the tin!


The first thing you see upon opening up the package is your certificate. This officially recognizes you as a certified Brand Safety Officer. One day, when we all return to our offices, our hope is that these will dot cubicle and office walls across the digital advertising industry.


The certificate is framed with the embossed message: "Inaugural Brand Safety Officer Class". This is a once-in-a-lifetime distinction for the almost 40 brand safety professionals who were the first group to finish the online curriculum.

Below the certificate itself lies the goodies. Like a Halloween bag full of candy, BSOs got all the treats.


Alongside a message of congratulations from the BSI founders themselves was a challenge coin and a commemorative scarf.

The coin has the BSI logo on the head side, and "BSI Certified - Inaugural Class" on the tails side.



The scarf repeats those images on either side of its ends, with "Certified Brand Safety Officer - Inaugural Class" through the middle of each side.


Neal was kind enough to step us through the unboxing. But of course, he wasn't the only one to receive the package. Here's our other co-founder Mike Zaneis' schwag:


Here's BSI Advisory Board member Marc Goldberg showing off his scarf and certificate on Twitter:


What about you? Are you ready to advance your brand safety career and do the #BSOscarfchallenge on social media? Become a certified Brand Safety Officer today!


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