Partnerships and Reach in Digital Advertising for Gaming

Posted by Victor Z Glenn • Nov 27, 2023 1:00:00 PM

The gaming industry, with its staggering $406 billion valuation, has emerged as a dynamic frontier for advertisers seeking unprecedented engagement. The essence of gaming lies in active participation, setting it apart from traditional media. Ryan Dow, head of gaming & esports at SportFive, highlights this key difference, noting that video games consistently outperform other media in terms of engagement. Gaming largely grew to outpace other media during the pandemic, with a higher growth rate than other media sectors. Many note though that gaming was already on an overtake trajectory since the early 2000s. For advertisers, this active engagement translates into a higher potential for recall, action, and conversions.

In recent years, advertisers have been increasingly drawn to in-game advertising, recognizing its potential to captivate audiences. Itamar Benedy, CEO of Anzu, an in-game advertising company, emphasizes the maturation of this nascent format. Martin Bradley, director of research and strategy consultancy MTM spoke in agreement on the topic, saying he sees a growing inclination towards in-game advertising due to its exceptional performance on attention metrics. However, he cautions that advertisers must navigate a set of rules when developing in-game activations. Those rules are still developing, as the article pointed out that many brands are taking the slow and steady approach.

With the acknowledgement of active engagement and the need for clear protocols, it is worth looking at emerging partnerships in this area of digital advertising. Stream Shreek's strategic partnership with inStreamly marks a significant step towards enhancing brand-to-streamer connectivity. This collaboration, focusing on the Middle East North - Africa region, aims to usher in a new era of solutions for embedding gaming campaigns with creativity, scale, and brand safety. The platform not only offers trackability but also prioritizes brand safety through a two-layered AI-powered solution. By seamlessly integrating brands into the streaming community, advertisers become organic supporters rather than intrusive forces, gaining the favor of both game streamers and their audiences.

As the gaming industry continues its meteoric growth, advertisers are strategically aligning themselves with this dynamic, but tricky, landscape. Partnerships, and innovative approaches, such as in-game advertising, and the Stream Shreek–inStreamly collaboration, reflect the industry's evolution. By understanding and embracing the unique opportunities within gaming culture, advertisers can unlock new realms of engagement and brand preference in this rapidly expanding frontier. 

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