Sustainability as an overarching ESG strategy for Companies…  Congratulations GUESS? Inc.!

Posted by Louis Jones • Sep 7, 2023 5:32:23 PM

This past week Business Intelligence Groups awarded GUESS? Inc. two awards for it’s Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) efforts on Sustainability. Not only did GUESS? win the Sustainability Leadership Award, but its CEO also won the Sustainability Hero Award. Congratulations to GUESS?!

Notably, in the assessment of the company’s efforts across ESG commitments, you will see that this recognition highlights environmental initiatives, in addition to fairness and inclusivity policies in the workplace - and with its selected partners. This is what Sustainability becomes: a focus on how all the parts of the enterprise contribute to a shared goal for a productive and profitable business, and how to consider all the places where teams can make effective and equitable policies to ensure longevity, as an enterprise.

"With the support of [Founder and Chief Creative Officer] Paul Marciano, we challenged the brand to put sustainability first by reducing carbon emissions, expanding on the commitment to using sustainable materials, and continuing the Company’s dedication to fair treatment and pay parity,” said Carlos Alberini, GUESS? Inc. CEO. “Being a part of this journey has been rewarding in itself. We are truly grateful for our team’s hard work and are excited about our continued transformation to become a more sustainable business and brand.”

In GUESS? Inc’s approach, the full measure of Sustainability looks at carbon, emissions, and other elements to reduce harm to the environment, including who their partners may be across the world (and how well each of them are doing on certain measures), but also delivers thoughtful policies for its employees and how those employees should engage with their partners across the globe, and finally through the lens of Responsible Marketing, take ownership of their responsibility for consumer data and their privacy. The full ESG Report is comprehensive - and expansive. The breadth and scale of GUESS? Inc’s programs are truly impressive - covering all the topics previously identified, right down to product labeling for new legislation in Europe and 100% of managers completing unconscious bias training in the workplace.

This is what "Responsibility" looks like, and herein a great example of how it’s a enterprise-wide endeavor, not one department trying to lead and influence others. It is complete, it is measured, and as you will see, it is also rewarded. You can be the company you want to be if your leadership leads, and is committed to the well being of the enterprise.

We applaud you GUESS?. For others, take a look at their comprehensive ESG Report, it may help you think about who to organize better for the change you want to witness.

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UPDATE: Other companies may soon be compelled to follow GUESS?'s lead. California has just passed legislation that "would require thousands of public and private businesses that operate in California and make more than $1 billion annually to report their direct and indirect emissions. The goal is to increase transparency and nudge companies to evaluate how they can cut their emissions."

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