Tech is failing brand safety

Posted by Jeremy Spitzberg • Jul 29, 2019 12:03:03 PM

A new study, "commissioned by MadHive and Adledger , and conducted by Industry Index", shows that despite the plethora of tech platforms in use in digital advertising, brand safety is still the number one issue.

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In fact, if you - appropriately - combine fraud control, transparency, and brand safety, you begin to appreciate the overwhelming scale of the issue.

Brand Safety Officers will be responsible for managing the risks for their companies, and managing technology is going to be a big part of that effort. Brand Safety Officers will need to understand which tech is helping them, and which is exacerbating the problem. When we talk about "Knowing Your Partners" in our Brand Safety Officer certification curriculum, this is certainly one piece of the puzzle.

Topics: Brand Safety, Brand Safety Officers, Ad Fraud, Transparency, Technology