New Approaches to AI in Brand Safety from BSI and Unitary

Posted by Brand Safety Institute • Nov 1, 2023 3:05:23 PM

At BSI, we always seek to amplify new technologies and solutions that keep people and brands safe online. In that spirit, we partnered with Unitary to publish a research piece on the pitfalls of legacy text- and image-based detection systems. This research highlights the need for sophisticated multimodal solutions to meet the needs of an increasingly video-focused internet.

Old Methods Cannot Classify New Mediums

Old moderation methods are not keeping up with the rise of video. Current analysis lets harmful content slip through, failing to account for nuance and context. We need advanced, multimodal solutions, to ensure online safety for brands and users alike.

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Unitary features BSI Advisory Board member Joe Fried, VP of Biddable Media at Inspire Brands, as well as BSI COO AJ Brown.

Overall, social media companies need to reimagine moderation for an online world where video dominates. As Brand Safety Institute’s COO, AJ Brown, tells us: “Especially in the world of video, human review is still viewed as the most trustworthy moderation approach in the industry today. Human teams can review video in context and identify emerging issues more reliably than legacy image- and text-based detection systems, but this approach doesn’t scale. Automated multimodal solutions are best poised to keep people and brands safe online as the volume and velocity of video content online continue to increase.”
We know that brands cannot afford a single unsafe impression: Joe Fried, VP of biddable media at Inspire Brands, told us that “A brand stands to lose everything if there's a brand safety problem [...] One impression is too many.”  He made it clear that brand suitability can affect every aspect of a brand, and take away hard earned consumer trust in an instant. Brands know that the ecosystem is evolving rapidly and standards are changing: when told about the results of our research Joe admitted he was not surprised at the discrepancy between unimodal and multimodal solutions. What worked yesterday may fail you tomorrow. The right AI system can help you unlock the power of your inventory in a safe and responsible way. Really, it's a no brainer.

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