IAS and TikTok Expand Measurement Capabilities for Advertisers

Posted by Victor Z Glenn • Apr 26, 2024 9:30:00 AM

Ensuring brand safety and suitability in advertising campaigns is paramount for advertisers seeking to maintain their reputation and connect with their target audience effectively. Integral Ad Science (IAS), a leading global media measurement and optimization platform, recently announced an expansion of its brand safety and suitability measurement reporting on TikTok, one of the world's largest and fastest-growing short-form video entertainment platforms. This expansion includes TikTok’s new Category Exclusion and Vertical Sensitivity Segments, announced in tandem with the company’s annual Beyond Brand Safety marketer event earlier this month, which provide advertisers with tools to avoid content unsuitable for their brand beyond the industry-standard GARM content categories and suitability tiers. The new settings allow advertisers to avoid topics including pets, beauty, food, fashion/retail, travel, financial services, technology, automotive, gaming, professional services, entertainment, gambling and lotteries, violent video games, combat sports, and youth content.

IAS's AI-driven Total Media Quality (TMQ) product leverages cutting-edge Multimedia Technology combining image, audio, and text signals with frame-by-frame video analysis to accurately classify content in TikTok’s For You Feed. This enables advertisers to align their campaigns with TikTok’s new Category Exclusion and Vertical Sensitivity settings, as well as the 12 GARM Brand Safety & Suitability categories and four risk levels, ensuring their ads are placed next to brand-suitable content. Furthermore, IAS's expansion of Brand Safety and Suitability Measurement on TikTok to an additional 11 countries, totaling 62 countries across 34 languages, demonstrates a commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to advertisers worldwide.

The new measurement capabilities on TikTok offer advertisers several benefits, including ease of activation through Automated Suitability Profiles and deeper insights through alignment with TikTok Ads Manager profiles. Advertisers can now access actionable data at the ad creative level, allowing for more strategic decision-making in their campaigns. Additionally, IAS's alignment of reporting in Custom Report Builder (CRB) enables advertisers to drill down to specific campaign details, such as campaign name, ad group, objective type, and ad buying type, further enhancing their ability to optimize their advertising efforts.

IAS's expansion of brand safety and suitability measurement reporting on TikTok provides advertisers with the tools and insights they need to ensure their campaigns are aligned with their brand values and reach their desired audience effectively. As digital advertising continues to evolve, brands leveraging platforms like TikTok can navigate brand safety challenges while capitalizing on the opportunities presented by expanding global audiences.

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