Podcasting – Mirroring the trend of Micro Influencing

Posted by Victor Z Glenn • May 24, 2024 9:00:00 AM

Podcasts are uniquely positioned to offer not only a growing influential channel, but a brand-safe environment based on their highly engaged and loyal audiences. This shift mirrors what we have been seeing in the Influencer marketplace and the rise of Micro-Influencers which places a greater emphasis on emotionally resonant narratives over sheer audience size. The upshot is that the more resonant the content, the more effective that message in driving brand preference.  Podcasting is social media for the ear. With the ability to connect deeply with listeners, quality content fosters a loyal audience. Highly engaged listeners are more receptive to advertising messages, hopefully leading to better campaign outcomes.

The recent Podcast Upfront exemplified this storytelling momentum, featuring some of the industry's biggest host names. John Allen, AKA MrBallen from “Strange, Dark & Mysterious Stories” (Wondery), Cam Jordan from “Off The Edge” (iHeart), Ben Shapiro from “The Ben Shapiro Show” (DailyWire), and Phill and Matt Simms from “Simms Complete” (Cumulus) were among the highlights. A standout moment was Jon Stewart announcing the launch of his new podcast, “The Weekly Show with Jon Stewart,” through Paramount Audio. This event underscored the power of podcasts to build deep connections with audiences, which is critical.

In light of brand safety and suitability, maintaining clear and distinct boundaries between commercial and non-commercial content is crucial to moving forward. New guidelines published by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) advise podcast creators and producers to ensure that host-read ads are clearly demarcated with unambiguous signifiers. This transparency helps preserve trust with the audience, which is essential for the continued growth of podcasting and brand safety on the channel. Additionally, Podcasting overall, still faces challenges in brand safety and suitability controls, but the future is looking brighter with AI driven companies like Barometer and Seekr.

By adhering to clear guidelines, monitoring suitability choices, and leveraging the immersive potential of the medium, brands can navigate the evolving digital landscape safely and effectively.  

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