The Rise of Influencers and the Ongoing Legacy of Content Creators

Posted by Brand Safety Institute • Jun 16, 2023 8:30:00 AM

The impact of creators and influencers is growing quickly in the gaming and live-streamed entertainment environment. The user-generated content is streamed in real-time and is either original content, or “commentary.” For example Game Theory, and team leader MatPat, produces a lot of original content around the subject of gaming; meanwhile content creator Markiplier posts a lot of “let’s play” content commentating on various games as he plays them. According to Forbes, “that once small, up-and-coming marketing tool known as influencer marketing is now an integral part of the marketing matrix and has become the loudest strategy in the room. Globally, the influencer market, valued at $13.3 billion in 2021, is expected to reach $109.37 billion by 2028.” In fact, this has become a bonanza not only for marketers but content creators as well. There are numerous websites and services clamoring to assist marketers, and help smaller social media content creators participate in the power of influencer marketing. As one Business Insider article details, “how much creators earn can depend on factors like follower count, audience engagement, and type of content they post. But it's now possible for creators with smaller followings to make consistent and lucrative income by building a personal brand on social media. And as the creator economy has matured, the ways influencers can make money have multiplied.”

So, what approach should you take – that depends on what you want to do... 
- Who is your audience? 
- What are you advertising? 
- Are you looking to reinforce or go against the grain? 
(i.e. original content with a dedicated audience, or influencer dialed into a trend) 
These are all questions to consider.

A recent study by Civic Science breaks down the level of engagement major platforms are receiving saying, “a look at nine popular platforms reveals that YouTube, where content creators originated, is still the most watched by followers.”


Ultimately, the difference between original and trend content can be immaterial if you and your team know what you want. Elijah Pysyk, Creator-in-Residence for the Brand Safety Institute, who has years of relevant experience gave his opinion on this saying, “honestly, these days the lines are so blurred between original and trend content that there really isn't a difference. As long as it provides value to the viewer (that could be education, inspiration, or entertainment), is legal and suitable for your brand, both original and trending content has an equal opportunity to help market your brand better. In fact jumping on a trend, often more times than not, will get your brand visible to more viewers. Of course, it's always important to support original work when you can.” In the digital advertising realm of gaming and live-streamed entertainment, brand safety is crucial for building trust, protecting reputation, and ensuring the long-term success of brands. But implementing strategies such as contextual targeting and strategic partnerships is just one part of a well-oiled machine that also includes proactive monitoring, clear guidelines, and continual evaluation.

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