The Threat of Bad Actors in Generative AI for Brand Safety

Posted by Victor Z Glenn • Dec 15, 2023 7:30:00 AM

The integration of generative AI brings both promise and peril to the digital advertising landscape. As businesses eagerly embrace AI tools and machine learning for more personalized and efficient campaigns, a darker side emerges. Bad actors, leveraging the power of generative AI, pose a significant threat to brand safety, challenging the industry to find effective solutions.

The rise of large language models and generative AI provides fraudsters with unprecedented tools for deception. These malicious actors can now craft personalized and convincing messages, meticulously tailored to their victims. By analyzing public profiles and other personal information, they create sophisticated fake accounts, blurring the lines between authenticity and deception. Distinguishing between genuine and fraudulent content becomes an intricate challenge in this evolving landscape. Recent incidents at the Gannett newspaper chain involving high school sports articles written by AI underscore the complexities of experimenting with AI, especially in industries deeply rooted in values like journalism. Another example from the CNET technology website saw AI used to draft articles on personal finance which were “riddled with errors.” As companies navigate the uncharted waters of AI integration, concerns about job displacement and the preservation of core values, such as truth and transparency, come to the forefront. The tension between technological innovation and maintaining ethical standards creates a delicate balance that requires careful consideration.

Advertisers stand at a crossroads, recognizing the potential of generative AI while acknowledging the risks associated with bad actors. To safeguard brand integrity, AI must be coupled with robust brand safeguards and automation. AI-powered systems have the capacity to enforce brand guidelines across diverse communication channels, ensuring a consistent brand persona. Automation not only enhances efficiency but also minimizes risks tied to credibility issues. As we enter 2024, advertisers must not merely explore generative AI but critically assess how it aligns with brand safety and automation to fortify the industry against malicious intent.

In this intricate dance between innovation and security, the onus is on the advertising industry to adopt measures that harness the potential of generative AI while erecting formidable defenses against those who seek to exploit it. The future of digital advertising hinges on this delicate equilibrium, where technological progress and brand safety coexist harmoniously.

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