What Does “Moneyball” Have to Do with Brand Safety?

Posted by Brand Safety Institute • Oct 25, 2021 2:00:00 AM

Threats to brand safety never sleep and that’s why the Brand Safety Institute (BSI) is here: to help you sharpen your edge in the fight to keep your brand and the entire digital advertising ecosystem efficient and productive. To that end, the BSI is pleased to announce that the next couple of weeks are filled with three can’t-miss opportunities for you to hone your brand safety arsenal.

White Paper: Brand Safe Market Inefficiencies
The first arrives on Monday, Oct. 25, in the form of a new white paper from the BSI entitled, “Brand Safe Market Inefficiencies.” This new treatise encourages Brand Safety Officers (BSO) to utilize data and an analytic mindset to help their organizations avoid risk and find competitive advantages. The paper describes how a BSO can adopt the approach of groundbreaking baseball general manager Billy Beane (of “Moneyball” fame) by using modern statistical analysis techniques to show that being brand safety conscious gives an organization a real leg up when it comes to the bottom line.

MMA Webinar Series on Brand Safety Strategy, Part 3
The second opportunity arrives a day later, on Tuesday, Oct. 26, with the next installment in the MMA Webinar Series on Brand Safety Strategy. This week’s webinar, the third of five in the series featuring BSI co-founder Neal Thurman along with other brand safety experts and leaders in the field, is entitled, “Brand Safety Tool and Vendor Management Best Practices, Resources & Budgeting for Brand Safety.” The webinar continues the series’ emphasis on creating and implementing a brand safety strategy, refining and adjusting that strategy, and sharing the best practices and lessons learned from various perspectives within the advertising supply chain.

Brand Safety Week 2021
The third opportunity takes place over five days, Nov. 1-5, when the BSI and the 614 Group bring you Brand Safety Week. Brand Safety Week is a new, annual event held in conjunction with and expanding on the 614 Group’s Brand Safety Summit, taking place this year Nov. 3-4 both virtually and in New York City. The first day of the summit gives you the chance to participate in a number of practical learning sessions, workshops, and breakouts led by industry experts dedicated to teaching you the best strategies for protecting consumers and brands online. The following day features the most influential and powerful players in the media ecosystem who will debate, wrestle with, and even resolve some of the biggest brand safety issues.

And every day of Brand Safety Week features a new informative video interview covering the evolution and current state of brand safety, hosted by the BSI’s very own Brand Safety Officer-in-Residence, Louis Jones. In each daily video, which can be found on the BSI’s website, Louis speaks to movers-and-shakers on the forefront of brand safety and covers what they’re doing to address the fight for brand safety, with topics such as leading brand safety at your company, working with platforms and publishers, determining your stance on mis- and disinformation, strategizing and focusing on DE&I, and deepening your relationship with verification partners—and combining all of these tools into a cohesive brand safety strategy that yields dividends for your company.

It’s a busy and informative couple of weeks for the BSI and brand safety crusaders everywhere. Don’t miss your chance to pick up new and vital information to help you stay vigilant in the fight to keep your brand safe—and in the process help your organization be more successful.

Photo by: unsplash.com/@tjkolesnik

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