CTV Leads the Way in 2022; Brand Safety Must Keep Pace

Posted by Brand Safety Institute • Feb 17, 2022 6:59:23 PM

It’s clear to everyone in the industry that CTV is THE big thing in the world of digital advertising. In a Forbes story in October 2021, Brad Adgate presented several data points that state, unequivocally, that CTV is the “fastest growing video advertising platform.” Among those statistics:
  • A Leichtman Research Group survey said that 82 percent of TV households now have at least one connected TV device
  • MAGNA was forecasting advertising on CTV to grow 34 percent in 2021 (versus 7.4 percent for national broadcast and cable TV) to $5.4 billion. And while MAGNA forecast the CTV growth rate to slow slightly in 2022 to 28.4 percent, national broadcast and cable TV growth was expected drop 2.6 percent

With these statistics as predicate, AdMonsters' John Osborn has now moved the discussion to how AdOps - and the rest of the digital advertising industry - will keep pace with this growth, and keep CTV a healthy and safe alternative for advertisers.

Advertisers and agencies will have to be vigilant as their dollars continue shifting to CTV. And staying focused on issues such as brand safety will be of vital importance, especially with the wide range of apps and DSPs cropping up to fill this new platform.

The Brand Safety Institute’s quest to professionalize and advance the digital advertising ecosystem has tools, research, and guides that apply to this growing part of the industry, as well as certification programs for Brand Safety Officers, Brand Safety Business Partners, and Brand Safe Workforces to help organizations and individuals get the information they plan, execute, and analyze their strategies in CTV and across the digital spectrum.

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