IAPP Passes 25,000 Certifications Milestone

Posted by Jeremy Spitzberg • Aug 28, 2019 1:10:21 PM

Congratulations to the International Association of Privacy Professionals on issuing its 25,000th certification.

IAPP reports that their certifications "have doubled since 2016 and 40% of that growth has come in the last year." They also note that in the last two years, it is GDPR driving awareness of, and the need for, CIPP/E, their European certification.

We at the Brand Safety Institute applaud the IAPP on the milestone, and can look to them for inspiration and validation. Privacy, transparency, visibility... these are the watchwords of today's digital advertising discussion, and the foundations of any brand safety effort.

As BSI Advisory Board chair Rachel Nyswander Thomas, herself CIPP certified, puts it:

"Just as the IAPP community has been built out of a need for professionals who can safeguard privacy, BSI is making it possible for industry to effect brand safety by ensuring that there are qualified people to do so."

Here's to 25k more!

Topics: Certification, Privacy