The Rise of Content Creators in Advertising & Brand Safety

Posted by Brand Safety Institute • Mar 31, 2023 8:00:00 AM

Social media, and now content creators, are beginning to take center stage in brand communications. A Digiday article recently highlighted 'Visible' and other brands as they begin to share creative direction with proven social talents. This marks a new era for what creativity means, and it opens up the potential for more diverse creativity - a win-win! As this momentum builds, BSI is working on the release of a Brand Safety & Suitability for Creators module so that Creators will have an informed perspective of what this means for the brands they work with.

We are beginning to see parallel movement in the gaming space, as shown by firms like Upfluence, and research from organizations like the Influencer Marketing Hub. Creators’ unique perspective on the act of gaming and how to connect audiences is increasing their role in leading creative development in this space. In order for this trend to achieve greater impact, creators will also have to recognize their responsibility to brand safety, for example on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. These platforms have enabled gamers to share their experiences with a global audience, and many have become popular personalities with dedicated followings. In fact, Spotify has said that it wants to be a home for creators, allowing user generated enthusiasm to drive listenership. Recently Digiday published an article on the importance of baking in accountability to these new partnerships, stating that “as marketers look to work more directly with influencer agencies... the relationship is getting more formalized, and those influencer agencies are part of more overall strategy meetings.”

Ultimately, it comes down to properly recognizing and harnessing the unique power creators have over their given audience. Creators are a new class of marketer, and they are their own brand. It can be really powerful to work with creators in a capacity that requires their involvement in not only the delivery of brand/gaming ideas, but also in the responsible thinking around how other brands participate safely in the gaming experience. 

Topics: Brand Safety, Brand Suitability, marketing, Social Media, gaming, content creators